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We work with a hand-picked team of partners to bring cutting edge solutions to the Legal Cannabis Industry to exponentially accelerate your growth.

It doesn’t matter what part of the industry you work in. If you do it legally, we can help.

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The Cannabis Industry is growing at an incredible speed.

But, you know that already. That’s why you’ve landed on this page.

$6.7 Billion - 2016 Sales of Marijuana

$20.2 Billion - 2021 Predicted Sales

The Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis Industry is like every other industry. It’s a business.

Yes, there are obstacles to overcome, antiquated laws and governance to abide by, red tape at many turns.

But, for those prepared to stand up to it, there are an abundance of opportunities.

What We Do

We operate with our hand-selected partners to provide technology, innovation and business expertise and consulting to ensure your legal cannabis-related business operates fully in compliance with laws and regulations while scaling exponentially, maximizing your profits and providing value to your growing customer base.

We Can Help

Need help with your banking? We have the only legal banking solution that will allow you to accept credit cards without facing the risks of jail for abusing the banking system.

Need to reduce your insurance premiums? We work with specialist companies to offer increasingly competitive rates and partner with others that can further reduce those rates?

Need to cut your margins and apply for money back from the IRS? Ask us about Cost Segregation and how it can apply to you.

Need the right lights to maximize your crop yield? Not only do we have that covered but we also have lighting technology that will eradicate costly bacteria at the same time.

Find out more about the variety of ways we can help your Cannabis-related business grow. Click the button below and get in touch now.

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